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Auburn Village School PTA

Auburn Village School PTA

Missoula Children’s Theater

The fall theater residency is open to students in grades 1, 3, 5 and 7 and the production will be Robinson Crusoe … with a twist

Contact with questions.


It’s PTA Membership time again!

There are a few things you should know!

1. Meetings AREN’T mandatory!
Joining the PTA does NOT mean you have to attend meetings! We’d love to see you, and value your input, but it’s not a requirement!

2. We are NOT funded from your tax dollars!
We get it, all of our taxes went up to fund this beautiful school BUILDING. However, PTA still requires funds to bring you and your children fun events and services.

3. DONATIONS to the PTA ARE tax deductible!
A little over half of your MEMBERSHIP has to be paid to the NH PTA, so where we REALLY make our money is from your DONATIONS on top of your membership, and because we are a 501c3, that portion you can use as a tax write-off.

There will be brightly colored packets coming home with your children this week! In them, you will find a PTA events calendar, a Birthday Gram form, a volunteer questionnaire, and a membership form. We are now accepting PayPal as a form of payment, and this year, you can actually fill out forms online!

We will also be holding a membership drive during both Open Houses this Thursday and next.

We look forward to serving Auburn Village School as your PTA Board!
Sandi Leclair, Amy Lachance, Mindy Bedard, and Sarah Galler

PTA Membership/Donation Form

Fill out Birthday Gram


Box Tops for Education

Send in Box Tops!

Collect your Box Tops and send them into school with your child.

Just put all your non-expired Box Tops in a baggie or envelope (in groups of 50 if possible) and send them in!